Easy as ABC: Jim Clendenen

Meet the man behind Au Bon Climat

Sophie Thorpe

Charity Tasting at 67 Pall Mall

After the wildfires in northern California last year there were a number of charity events held in London to raise funds for communities displaced by the devastating impacts of the fires. One of these was held at 67 Pall Mall.

A Conversation with David Ramey

Martin Gillam talks with David Ramey - one of California’s iconic winemakers. A student of French winemaking, his techniques have often challenged the status quo, but have had an enormous impact on how Californian wine is made

A Matter of Style

Asking a room full of wine experts to blind-taste your wines is a brave move, even more so if they are tasted alongside other world-class wines. I have seen it go wrong, where every wine, but the intended was picked out as a preferred option.

California, finding a sense of place

Oak can be a double-edged wooden sword in winemaking. At its best, it can impart aromas and flavours of vanilla and sweet spices like cinnamon and cloves, as well as bringing a rounded mouthfeel to a wine.

Chardonnay in California

'What does it mean to make distinctively Californian Chardonnay?’ That was the question posed by Elaine Brown’s compelling recent tasting for the California Wine Institute.